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Construct & Control Conversations

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22nd April 2021 at 12:30-14:00



Joining us on 22nd April 2021

Ben Bennett

Host of SCSC

Ron Tanner

Palmeira Global

How to construct and control conversations

Our special guest for April's SCSC is Ron Tanner. As a mentor, coach and business leader, Ron is passionate about creating better conversations during the sales process. 

After many years as a business consultant and coach, he found that the better the conversation the better the outcome. But how does this happen?  That led to a process of deep enquiry. 

He discovered that when you are in “flow”, conversation flows naturally and the results are much better.  When you “push” the conversation the results are less favourable. This led to the idea of finding a process where “flow’ occurred naturally. 

Ron has trained many people in this process helping them achieve extraordinary results while at the same time being true to themselves. 

Ron will be discussing the art of constructing and controlling conversations with our host, Ben. They will be sharing their own experiences and tactics that you can implement in your own sales efforts immediately.

What you will experience

On the day you will experience two live discussions on the topic, where Ben and Ron will share their best tips and processes for having more organic, yet structured conversations, so that you can deliver more value in your conversations with your prospects.

There will be a chance for you to network with other attendees and share your experiences, good and bad, in order to help our growing community become better at winning business and increasing the success of your organisation, whatever the size.

Who is this for?

Whether you're a start-up founder, sales leader or in a sales team, this session will help you bring new skills to your day-to-day, in order to help you get better traction with your prospects and customers alike.

Ben and Ron have decades of experience between them, and they will be sharing methods that can be used in all aspects of life, not just in your revenue generation efforts.

If you want to up-skill and learn new tactics in the art of selling, then you wont want to miss this.

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